New Pathways to Parenting

Giving Families Hope

I am a Florida based Parent Coach whose goal is to support and guide parents as they navigate their feelings and responses to their child’s difficult behaviors and relationship challenges. As a client of New Pathways, you will be equipped with proactive strategies that result in loving relationships and more peaceful homes.

Over the past 30 years I have been mentoring and teaching children of all ages, backgrounds, and special needs, and I have searched for effective tools and strategies that would support not only children, but parents as well. When I discovered the Connected Families Framework, it was the perfect fit for helping parents wisely respond to their child’s behavior challenges and, more importantly, to lovingly connect with their child’s heart. When meaningful connections are made, family peace and hope are not far behind. 

I invite you on a journey to discover new pathways to parent your child.


New Pathways Family Coaching

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